Simply Doves
 Ceremonial dove release - Semtiment for all occasions  
At Simply Doves Canberra, we provide a professional, unique and personalised service which is affordable, provides lasting memories and is symbolic to your ocassion. We have many packages available and if your looking for something specific, we are happy to tailor a package to suit your needs. Each package includes a poem or saying as a keepsake, your choice of release basket, ribbon in colour of choice and a professional ‘flight attendant’ to guide you through your release.

The Doves that we provide are a breed of homing pigeon and are pure white, healthy and well trained.When released, our Doves will usually circle the area a few times in formation before aquiring their bearings and returning to the safety and comfort of their home, where they are extensively looked after. For the safety of the Doves, they are unable to be released indoors, in heavy rain or fog and between dusk and dawn. All questions on the care and training of our Doves are welcome.